The Job Benefits Of Being A Police Officer

Join the ranks of the most respected people in your community and become a police officer. Never again will you stay seated in a chair all day stapling mounds of documents. Never again will you get bored to tears copying documents that do not really mean that much to you. Never again will you automatically wake up at 7am in order to be in the office by 9am. You will have a break from the routine that you call life if you decide to join the police force.

If you feel that you need a change of career at this point in your life then you are welcome to join the force. Police recruitment is intensifying their campaign to get more people to join them due to the increase of crime rate.

The reason for the increase in crime rate may be due to the hard times or it may also be that the police force is outnumbered. There can be a thousand reasons but the fact remains that these crimes need to be reduced and prevented from further escalating. You can be certain that this job has all the excitement that you will need, maybe more, in your lifetime.

You will be competing with a lot of people who wants to be a police officer during these times, however. The job has a competitive salary and benefits that can give you security amidst the crisis that the world is experiencing today. Although there is no standard wage for police officers because the rate varies from force to force, the average is £20,000-£22,000.

The starting pay is £22,104 upon joining the force and rises to £24, 675 after 31 weeks when the initial training is completed. In the Metropolitan Police Service, London Weighting is £2,055 and London Allowances will earn you £4,338 making your pay £28,497 during training and £31,068 later. Police officers in the bigger cities are generally paid more than those in the rural areas.

There are more perks to if you become a police officer because you will be receiving benefits to match your generous wage. You will receive an excellent pension, various promotion opportunities, the choice to specialize in a particular field like firearms and flexible working hours. You will also be paid for your overtime hours, have generous holiday allowance of 23 days plus ban holidays, be eligible for the key workers scheme and, to top it all, you will have paid sick leave.

Anyone who decides to be a police officer will, of course, file for an application and go through various tests. However, you need to be a British Citizen or a citizen of EU or other states in the EEA. Foreign nationals or Commonwealth Citizens will be accepted as long as they have indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Finally, you need to be physically and mentally able to perform police duties in order for your application to be acknowledged.

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